New Year’s Resolutions

It’s almost a full month into the New Year and it’s time to start checking in. How is your New Year’s Resolution holding up?



Most of us start the New Year off by trying to get on the right foot and get fit or put our best food forward and start eating better. We often have a hard time sticking with it and that presents a challenge. Sometimes over promising ourselves or setting our goals too high with inevitably create even  more of a challenge for us.

If you are still sticking with it then I must congratulate you! As you are most likely doing better than some! If you have fallen off the fitness train then I would like to encourage you all to get out there and make it count. Some tips for success with fitness resolutions:

1. Set a Realistic Goal for yourself
2. Plan Ahead
3. Talk about it
4. Reward your self.
5. Track Your Progress
6. Stick to It. And if you fail get back up and start again
7. Try. Try. Try.

Now, I know some of these are easier said than done and keeping those goals is hard but we know YOU CAN DO IT! Don’t forget to pair your new positive attitude with some new workout clothes!

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